Monday, February 11, 2013

Top 10 Elf Products

My Top E.L.F Products I use almost order

1. E.L.F Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

It has 20 sheets and it works really well. And I keep extra stocks in my train case. 

2.  Cream Blush

It comes in 5 different colors. Its lightweight and it has like a soft finish to it when you blend it in.
This are just WOW!. They stay on all day. They feel like playdoh/ or clay but they are so pigmented.

Here's a swatch Left is Seductress and Right is Heartbreaker.
You can't really see heartbreaker because my skin is really light but it does show up really pretty on my face. I 'm a type of girl that likes light color makeup so I think they work really well on me. And also E.L.F products are never the it can be pigmented and some not sort of pigmented..i don't know ..but i still love these!

3. Lotion Wipes 

The Lotion Wipes comes in 7 types. But the Shea Butter is my favorite one. I got this for free actually in one of my orders. It's came with the free Girl on the Go collection that i got i while back. And let me tell you.. OMG! It smelled really good and made my skin really soft. I can put this in my purse and when i need like lotion or something i can just take this out.  The cons about this is that the smell wears off really quick but its still my favorite.

4. Essential Lipsticks

Charming Seductive Classy Flirtatious 

Elf is know for not true to color products but i watched reviews and swatches before making my selection. These i have to say are just great. They do last last 4-5 hours but for the price of $1 i can say that these lipsticks are wonderful. I'm not really a lipstick person. I wanted to like or enjoy wearing lipstick so i just think that these are a great starter for me. I'm not comfortable with like bright colors or red on my lips. I prefer colors that look natural, pinks or coral-ish. So these are the colors that look really good on me.

Oh and also one of  the reason why i wanted to try these lipsticks esp Classy was that because it was a dupe for Mac Angel.  So i decided to try it myself . And i got to say I LOVE this one!! So if you rin a budget and want to get something like Mac Angel then i would chose Classy.

5. Powder Brush

It's a soft brush that does the job. I love this brush I use it for my foundation, powder, and all that good stuff. 

6. Kabuki Face Brush 

This brush soooo soft. Its like a rabbits tail or something.  I mean there are greater kabuki brushes out there but for the price its a WOW! I take this everywhere with me and it just great if your putting on powder or watnot.

7. Mineral Infused Primer

It comes in 4 varieties. But sadly i have not tried them all. Because they are usually out of stock.


Left is Radiant Glow and Right is Clear.

They are clear when you blend them in . The Radiant Glow one is more shimmery  then the Clear one . But to be perfectly not a glitter person. Im not really into shiny sparkly things on my face so the Radiant Glow isn't really my fav but I still use it . But I love the clear one much more. Anyways they both make my makeup stay on for the rest of the day. It makes my foundation easy to put on and it makes my face really soft.

8. Bake Blush

It comes in 4 choices. Top left Rich Rose, Top right Passion Pink, Bottom Left Peachy Cheeky, Bottom Right Pinktastic. They are very pigmented there natural and have a glow into them. I like all them but i would consider Pinktastic a highlighter.       

                                                   But my Fav one is Rich Rose. It's like a light peachy..coral color. Its really pretty.                                                  

Rich Rose Swatch

9. Studio Blush

E.L.F studio blush comes with 11 to chose from. It reminds me of cheaper version  of NARS. Because of the packaging and i did read in other blogs and reviews that ELF blushes did have some dupe of the NARS blushes.  

My favorite on is Mellow Mauve . Its pigmented and for everyday use.But i do have to say that Mellow Mauve is a cheaper dupe for Tarte's Amazon Clay 12 hour blush in  Exposed. 

10. Eyelid Primer

It has 4 different items to choose from. I have Sheer and Pearl. And let me just say they are wonderful. They make my eye-shadow last all day. And I would say these work like Urban Decay and Too Face Shadow Insurance.

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